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Automotive service technicians

What they do: Also called mechanics, automotive service technicians inspect, maintain and repair automobiles and light trucks using traditional equipment and computerized tools

What they need:* Postsecondary vocational award; certification from National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is highly regarded

What they earn:** $37,662 2.

Accounting clerks

What they do: Also known as accounts payable clerks or accounts receivable clerks, duties may include posting details of transactions, computing interest charges, making sure loans and accounts are up-to-date, and ensuring account accuracy

What they need:* A high school diploma and some accounting coursework or relevant work experience

What they earn:** $29,991


What they do: From highways and bridges to kitchen cabinets, carpenters construct, erect, install and repair structures and fixtures made from wood and other materials

What they need:* About three to four years of both on-the-job training and classroom instruction

What they earn:** $36,889

Customer service representatives

What they do: Serve as the direct point of contact for customers of all types of businesses by answering questions and concerns, providing information and addressing complaints

What they need:* Moderate-term on-the-job training

What they earn:** $31,685

Dental assistants

What they do: Not to be confused with dental hygienists, dental assistants work closely with dentists and perform a variety of duties including instrument sterilization, obtaining records and preparing patients for treatment

What they need:* Many skills are learned on the job, but there are also dental-assisting programs, which often take one year or less to complete

What they earn:** $32,246

Maybe you've decided that college isn't for you — right now, anyway. If you want to join the workforce, opportunities are out there for people who don't have degrees. listed below are some jobs that require a high school diploma and have advancement opportunities

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What they do: Install and maintain wiring, fuses, circuits, outlets, load centers, panel boards and electrical machines in homes and businesses

What they need:* Long-term on-the-job training, often in the form of an apprenticeship program lasting four to five years

What they earn:** $47,869

Fitness trainers

What they do: Lead and instruct people in exercise activities, either individually or in a group setting , in fitness centers, gyms, hospitals, universities and clients' homes

What they need:* Postsecondary vocational award or certification is critical and depends on the employer and specific type of fitness work.

What they earn:** $24,890

Gaming managers and supervisors

What they do: Oversee the operations and personnel in an assigned area of a casino or gaming facility and ensure workers and gamblers are aware of and adhering to the rules of the games What they need:* Related work experience and a license from a regulatory agency

What they earn:** $47,429

General maintenance and repair workers

What they do: Troubleshoot, inspect and diagnose problems in many different crafts (like carpentry, plumbing, air conditioning and heating, and painting) and decide the best way to correct them What they need:* Moderate-term on-the-job training

What they earn:** $27,890

Home health aides

What they do: Assist elderly, ill or disabled people at home instead of health-care facilities. They provide services like administering medications and checking temperatures, and may also do housework and assist with personal care

What they need:* Short-term on-the-job training by registered nurses or experienced aides

What they earn:** $22,163